Doulas – They Aren’t Just Delivering Babies Anymore

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Earlier this year, we were contacted by the founder of the International Doula Life Movement.  I thought this quite curious.  Why would a Doula association contact a business that promotes the emotional side of estate planning?  I soon got my answer.  Doulas have Learn More

Bury Me? Not So Fast!

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Every time we would drive past a cemetery, my grandfather would point and say, “that place is so popular, people are dying to get in.”  Typical grandad joke. But these days, less than half the population is opting for a traditional burial in Learn More

Apple’s New Legacy Contacts

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Apple has created a BRAND NEW feature for their computer and phone products. With the release of iOS 15.2, iPadOS 15.2, watchOS 8.3, and macOS 12.1, comes a new feature called Legacy Contact. This feature allows users to choose up to 5 family Learn More

Crazy Questions to Ask Your Grandparents

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Everyone has a standard list of questions that they should ask their grandparents — Where were you born? How did you meet? What was it like growing up? Where did you live? What was it like without a smart phone or TV? How Learn More

Not Paid – The Perils of Not Sharing Information With Your Family

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Imagine that you have paid thousands of dollars to an insurance company for many years to ensure that your family is cared for after you have passed away, but you neglect to do one thing — tell your family about it or where Learn More

My Life’s Message Records Roadmap

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We invite you join our mailing list to download our Records Roadmap and complete it manually.  You can always use it to create an account with us at a later date. * indicates required Email Address * Learn More