Apple’s New Legacy Contacts

Category: News

Apple has created a BRAND NEW feature for their computer and phone products.

With the release of iOS 15.2, iPadOS 15.2, watchOS 8.3, and macOS 12.1, comes a new feature called Legacy Contact. This feature allows users to choose up to 5 family members and friends as “Legacy Contacts” which will allow these selected users to access their iCloud and personal info upon their death. Accessible info includes apps, photos, notes, files, messages, device backups, more. However, items purchased by the user, as well as passwords and payment info, will not be accessible.

Family members often want to access this data upon a person’s death, especially given that they may contain memories and other items of sentimental value. Generally, they have to go through the courts to be granted legal access to these devices and data. With this new feature, the family of the deceased will no longer need to go through this painstaking process as they are pre-vetted by the user.

Learn how to set up Legacy Contact here.

The My Life’s Message app is perfect to use alongside the Legacy Contact feature. In addition to Apple’s newest features, you can preserve your family legacy, record your final wishes, and write final messages to the special people in your life. 

Download the My Life’s Message app on Google Play or the App Store.