Not Paid – The Perils of Not Sharing Information With Your Family

Not Paid – The Perils of Not Sharing Information With Your Family

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Imagine that you have paid thousands of dollars to an insurance company for many years to ensure that your family is cared for after you have passed away, but you neglect to do one thing — tell your family about it or where the policy is located.

Or, what if a family member recently passed away, and you are sure that they had an insurance policy, but you don’t know where it is?

What do you think happens to all that money when you are gone? Nothing – it is kept by the insurance company, and worse, the policy is cancelled for non-payment.

A recent expose on 60 Minutes highlights the millions of dollars in non-payment of proceeds because insurance companies have refused to pay out the policies, because the beneficiaries either didn’t know that the policy existed, or they didn’t make a proper claim by presenting the original policy document in a timely fashion.

With My Life’s Message, you can ensure that your family knows about the existence of that policy and ensure that they receive the proceeds that you have secured for them.  Both our legacy planning tool and our Records Roadmap will help you save the information your family needs to know about the existence of the policy and what they must do to collect the proceeds after you are gone.  And, most importantly, it will ensure that your family locates that policy document.

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