Grappling with Grief

Grappling with Grief is a non-profit that shares people’s stories about how they were able to channel grief into positivity. You are not alone in your journey through “The 5 Stages of Grief.” Read Their Stories » Learn More

Assisted Living & Nursing Homes Near You

Category: Tips

CNA Classes Near Me CNA provides a list of all nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the United States with the purpose of helping people identify all available options in their geographic area. You can use the maps on the state pages Learn More

Conversation Resources

Category: Tips

We have found two really good resources to start the conversation about death and dying – the first is easy to remember:  The Conversation Project.  It’s a simple guide to help you raise the subject gently and appropriately.  The second is a document Learn More

My Life’s Message Records Roadmap

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We invite you to download our Records Roadmap and complete it manually.  You can always use it to create an account with us at a later date. Learn More