When Is The Right Time to Begin End of Life Planning?

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IMHO, the best time to begin end of life planning is when it is farthest from your time.  I am healthy, active, and happy.  I don’t have to make any rash decisions; I don’t have to feel sorry for myself; and I don’t have to burden anyone else with making a decision for or about me.

My grandmother would redo her will every year.  Usually it was because someone got married or had another kid and she wanted to make sure that everyone was taken care of (or not).  Of course, gramma would have us walk around her house and place stickers on all her artwork to claim after she was gone.  Problem was, none of us really liked her artwork, so we did it just to appease her.

My husband and I have our Wills and our Living Wills (advance directives) done.  Now all we need is an account on My Life’s Message.

The fact of the matter is, even when you are healthiest, you never know when your time will come, whether in a train accident, a bicycle accident, or even during routine surgery, so it’s always best to be prepared.  Here is some important information on the subject.

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