How To Terminate The On-Line Accounts of a Deceased Person

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It’s a little unsettling to receive a note in Linked In or a Friend request on Facebook from someone whom I know passed away several months or even years ago.  Although  a warm memory might come to mind, there’s nothing else I can do but wonder how many other graves there are in the digital bone yard and move on.

With the My Life’s Message Records Roadmap, you can provide information to your family about your digital estate, so that they can access those accounts and properly close them when they are no longer needed.  Here are the links to the instructions for removing the on-line accounts of those who have died:

Linked In


Facebook has actually created a method to access the account of the deceased person and memorialize it.

Here is a great new on-line resource that a colleague sent me – it’s a free download of a digital e-book, called Dealing with Digital Death.  Another book I came across is called Your Digital After Life.

Of course, My Life’s Message provides the solution to many of the issues that are mentioned, but these ebooks help you identify and think about them.