We are a father-daughter team. My father has lived in 18 communities over his career and has friends all over the world. Similarly, I have traveled broadly and have friends in many places. We have learned that even though there are many people who were very important to us at certain times of our lives, we lost touch with them because our lives went in different directions. Sadly, my college roommate passed away and it was months before I found out because her husband wouldn’t have known how to reach me. I regret that I wasn’t there at the time to help the family grieve. My father as well wants his family to be able to contact all his friends and loved ones when the time comes.

We created My Life’s Message when we realized that there is no easy way to notify the friends and loved ones of the deceased. Once we started down the road of creating a notification process, we thought about what else someone would want to share, and preserving our legacy and final wishes became a natural add-on. We added the Records Road Map as a matter of convenience. Our goal is to help families and their communities grieve together and to provide comfort in an otherwise sad and stressful time.