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Your legacy is a priceless gift that your family will cherish forever.

The Value of My Life’s Message

Steve Hotchkiss, co-founder of My Life’s Message, provides an introduction and description of the importance of preserving a message for your family.


What We Provide


Preserve Your Legacy


Record Your Final Wishes


Write final messages for special people in your life


A Records Roadmap for your family


You appoint your Messenger to access your information


An easy way for your messenger to reach your contacts

Preserving your legacy is not simply a way to respect the people who came before you, it’s a way to keep those people alive for future generations.


“With My Life’s Message, I know that my daughter will celebrate my life the way I want and carry my legacy to future generations.” – Lucy R.

“I wish this had been around for my parents. I am glad it is for me. It will make the process easier for my family at a difficult time.” – Steve G.

“There’s so much I don’t know about my grandmother and I wish she had left this for me.” – Kari M.

“As a caregiver for an elderly widow, My Life’s Message made all the difference in organizing her final affairs and getting her message out to her loved ones.” – Jan R.


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