Sharing the Care for Our Loved Ones

Sharing the Care for Our Loved Ones

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I remember when my grandmother entered the last phase of her life. In the first few years, she had monthly blood transfusions. Then over time, she started a cycle of emergency room visits, followed by a period in the rehab center and discharge home, only to be rushed back again 6 weeks later. Each time I went to the ER with her, I was so impressed that she could recite all the medication she was taking, the quantities and the frequency. She also carried a list of her treating physicians, and all the surgeries and previous admissions she had had. Over the course of time, our family, my cousins, my uncle, my mother and I took turns responding to her calls and meeting her at the ER, until the time came when she wasn’t going to be discharged anymore. We were so lucky that she had her mental faculties right until the end. It would have been much worse if she had had dementia or other condition that would have made it difficult if not impossible for her to keep track of that information.

How I wish there was a website like Caring Village at that time. It would have made our lives so much easier, to have her medications, her treatment, and her care collected in one place we all could access that would have enabled us to more easily share her care.

The website allows you to create a village around your loved one. Once you have your village, you can share a calendar, treatment, medications, tasks and other important information. You also can upload important documents and keep a regular journal. And, best of all, it’s free.

If you have a loved one who needs care from your family, visit Caring Village and create your account today